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Bicycle Stair Access Ramp

100% Aluminum Made Modular Ramps offer safe, efficient and cost-effective stair access for cyclists and their bikes.

Modular Bicycle Ramp System has modular structure; works with any stair system and reach unlimited length. 


Modular bicycle rail ramp is made of 6060 aircraft aluminum without rusting problem during outside/inside use. 


Only installation length (stair length) is needed for production. 


Thanks to modular design and production, bicycle stair access ramp offers easy installation. 


Ramp section designed to work with all types of bikes up to a 10cm tire width.

Anti-slip feature ramp surface requires only one hand to hold the bike while it rolls






- installation tips and considerations that we have found important:


  • Going down a ramp is usually easier than come up it. And most cyclists prefer to stand to the left of their bike when pushing it, if possible the ramp should be installed on the right hand side of the stairs (when ascending). If there is sufficient space, two parallel ramps allow the cyclist to choose which side they would like to stand on.
  • Bicycle Stair Access Ramp need to be situated as far as possible from the side wall or any other obstacles.
  • To avoid accidents; we offer using bright colours.
  • Ramps should be fixed securely, avoiding any trip hazards.
  • Where possible, ramps should be separated from pedestrian access with the help of metal railings